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Dutch public health insurance

A guide to health insurance in the Netherlands


Everyone living in the Netherlands must have Dutch health insurance, whether public health insurance in the Netherlands or private health insurance. Read about the Dutch health insurance system for expats.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

Healthcare in the Netherlands


This guide to the Dutch healthcare system explains what you need to know about mandatory Dutch health insurance, visiting a specialist or hospital, and finding Dutch doctors, dentists and pharmacies in the Netherlands.

Having a baby in the Netherlands

Having a baby in the Netherlands


If you're having a baby in the Netherlands, this guide explains Dutch prenatal care, delivery, aftercare and parental leave in the Netherlands.

weight watchers amsterdam

Losing weight with Weight Watchers in the Netherlands


All the stress that comes with moving abroad can affect your health, and there is no more obvious sign of expat stress than a growing waistline. [Contributed by Weight Watchers]

Expat doctor Amsterdam

The expat experience at the Dutch doctor


Even if you are in tiptop shape and good health, you will most likely eventually visit a doctor in the Netherlands, which may be a starkly different experience than in your home country.

The differences between holistic dentistry and standard dental care


Although dentists in the Netherlands must follow the same years-long university education and register with the Dutch government in order to provide care, not all dental care is equal.

The advantage of digital dentistry and its benefits


With the advancement of digital dentistry, going to the dentist in the Netherlands has largely become a quick and painless task.

Doctors in Netherlands

How to find doctors in the Netherlands


Learn how to find and register with a doctor or emergency doctor in the Netherlands, plus how much it costs to visit a Dutch doctor.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance: How to choose the best policy and health insurer...


If you're considering private health insurance, finding the right health insurance plan or health insurance company can be time consuming. This guide explains how to choose the right private health insurance for you.

International Health Insurance for Expats

International health insurance: How to choose between local or expat insura...


International health insurance for expats: How to choose between local insurance or an international health insurance plan. When is expat medical insurance necessary?

How to find a doctor abroad guide for expats

How to find a doctor abroad for English-speaking expats


How to find a doctor abroad: non-profit organisation IAMAT has helped travellers and expats find English-speaking doctors abroad for 50 years. See how their doctor search works.

Expath health insurance: Select your health insurance abroad following 5 tips

Expat health insurance: How to choose the best expat insurance


Expat health insurance: We help you find the best expat health insurance with these five tips. Which expat health insurance do you need for your situation?

European Health Insurance Card

EHIC: European Health Insurance Card explained


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows citizens from the EU/EEA and Switzerland to access healthcare when travelling within the EU. What are the procedures for EHIC application and EHIC renewal?

Loonzorg no risk health insurance policy

Choosing the most affordable expat health insurance in the Netherlands with...


LoonZorg's No Risk policy is made especially for expats and their families. It exempts you from the high 'own risk' costs included in basic Dutch insurance packages, but still offers access to world-class healthcare. [Contributed by LoonZorg]

Top tips to maintaining a healthy weight for expats

Top tips to maintaining a healthy weight for expats


Keeping yourself at the right weight is a key way to ensure good heart health — and it turns out, the little decisions you make during your busy expat life are the ones that make a big difference

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