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Utrecht CS cleared as ‘suspect package’ found

Published on 31/03/2004

31 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — A bomb scare forced the evacuation of part of the Utrecht central bus and train station on Wednesday afternoon, but proved later to be a hoax.

The order to clear part of the station and the elevated taxi deck above the bus station was issued after a bus driver found a suspect box on his bus.

The EOD bomb squad was called in as a precaution, but there were immediate suspicions it was a prank because the box was marked with the text: “Verdacht Pakket!” (Suspicious Package!).

The driver took the package from his bus and placed it on the ground next to track number one just outside of the train station.

Train travel was temporarily suspended on tracks one to four and passengers between Utrecht-Amersfoort and Utrecht-Baarn encountered long delays. Bus and other forms of transport were also seriously disrupted.

But the EOD bomb experts found that the suspect package contained books and gave the all clear about two hours after the alarm was raised, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

The media generally avoids over publicising bomb threats because the vast majority are hoaxes or false alarms. But since the Madrid bombings, every incident has been taken more seriously.

In recent weeks a spate of bomb hoaxes has shut down the main train stations in Amsterdam, Leiden and Roosendaal.

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