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Uproar over naked photos of dementia residents

28 February 2005

AMSTERDAM — Two employees of a Christian nursing home in Brunssum have been sacked for taking naked photos of residents who are suffering from dementia. 

The photos were taken about a month ago, but it is not yet certain if they have been published on the internet or elsewhere.

The employees showed the photos to colleagues, who subsequently informed management. The culprits were sacked immediately.

“This is a scandalous matter,” a spokesman for Health State Secretary Clemence Ross said on Monday.
The junior minister has demanded that the nursing home, Catharina Daemen, explain why a complaint has not been lodged with the police. The victims’ families have been informed about the matter.

The workers are accused of using a mobile phone to take photos of naked residents who are suffering from dementia, the client council of the South Limburg Christian Healthcare organisation said.

But the Healthcare Inspectorate has not launched an investigation. A spokesman said the inspectorate was immediately informed about the matter and asserted that the nursing home’s board had responded adequately.

Nevertheless, he said the inspectorate was monitoring the situation. Talks with the nursing home have also been initiated, news agency Novum reported.

In reaction on Monday, the public prosecutor said it would investigate the matter and urged the nursing home to lodge a police report.

In its official statement on Monday, the nursing home later said it had decided to make a police complaint. This could lead to the eventual prosecution of the two sacked workers.

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