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Underwater cameras to cut drowning deaths

24 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — A new automated system should improve safety in Dutch swimming pools, branch organisation LC said when announcing a national trial of the scheme on Tuesday.

LC said 16 swimming pools will be fitted out in the coming year with underwater cameras. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has allocated EUR 1 million to the project, news agency ANP reported.

Lifeguards will be alerted to a possible drowning by a special wristwatch when the underwater cameras detect that a swimmer has been under the water for more than 15 seconds. The position of the swimmer will be indicated on the watch.

LC hopes the system will significantly reduce the average of seven drowning deaths that annually occur in Dutch swimming pools. But it also said the equipment could never replace the human eye.

The ministry has allocated EUR 50,000 per swimming complex to install the security cameras. It is hoped that municipal councils and pool owners will cover the rest of the costs.

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