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Teens sentenced for raping underage girls

14 September 2004

AMSTERDAM — Rotterdam Court imposed youth detention on four male teenagers on Tuesday for sexually abusing a group of underage girls in one of the largest gang rape cases of its kind in Dutch legal history.

The defendants — aged between 14 and 17 — will be on probation for two years after they are released, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

The public prosecutor had demanded that they be placed in youth TBS psychiatric detention for the crimes committed in Rotterdam West. This would have meant that a psychiatrist would have had to recommend their release before they were allowed to re-enter society.
The teens were considered the main suspects in a large-scale sexual abuse case, in which they regularly sexually abused a group of girls aged from 13 to 15 since the summer of 2003. Six girls lodged criminal complaints after being raped.

The girls had been blackmailed with photos and subjected to group rapes.  The case has been described as one of the largest sexual abuse cases of this kind in history. Five other boys have previously been convicted for their roles.
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