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Second fatal shooting at Dutch checkpoint in Iraq

Published on 26/04/2004

26 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — One man died on Sunday after Dutch troops opened fire on a vehicle that failed to stop at a checkpoint in southern Iraq, it was reported. This is the second fatal incident involving Dutch soldiers in as many weeks.

An army spokesperson said on Monday that no Dutch marines were injured in the incident. Several passengers in the car were hurt.

The incident is being investigated jointly by Dutch peacekeepers and the local Iraqi police.
The car approached the checkpoint near the city Al Khidr on Sunday but then turned around and drove away at speed. The driver allegedly ignored calls to stop and the commander of the Dutch forces ordered the marines to fire on the car’s tyres.

As a result, the car swerved and came to a halt. There were seven Iraq men inside and one was dead, the spokesman said.

The Dutch have a secondary base with 120 personnel two kilometres from Al Khidr.

The main force of Dutch marines is stationed at Camp Smitty, at As Samawah city.

Last week, Dutch troops and Iraqi security personnel fired on another car that failed to stop at a checkpoint. One of the men in the car was killed.

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