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Real estate magnate expects to be acquitted

14 May 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Amsterdam Court considers it “highly unlikely” that a criminal court judge will convict Dutch real estate magnate Willem Endstra on accusations of money laundering, it was reported Friday.

Endstra is referred to in the Netherlands as the “banker of the underworld”. He is allegedly an important link with the crime world and helps criminals launder illegally-earned cash.

Endstra’s name has also in the past been linked to Freddie Heineken kidnapper Willem Holleeder.

The real estate magnate is currently facing prosecution, but lodged a legal objection against his proceedings in what is commonly referred to as a type of fencing action, newspaper De Volkskrant reported on Friday.

And in handing down its ruling on the lodged objection on Thursday, the Amsterdam court said it did not think Endstra would be convicted. It said the criminal financial investigation has not delivered any evidence.

But despite the ruling, the public prosecution is free to continue its investigation of Endstra in the so-called building funds case, in which the defendant allegedly committed fraud in the transfer of property.

Endstra’s lawyer said the results of 14 years of uninterrupted investigation into Endstra’s dealings by police and justice officials had produced very little results.

If the prosecution decides to continue with its case, the defence lawyer said on Friday that Endstra will have full confidence in his eventual acquittal.

The prosecution is considering appealing against the court’s ruling

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