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Queen couldn’t handle my job, says public

29 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Only one and six Dutch people would switch jobs with their monarch, Queen Beatrix, if given the chance, according to a new Queen’s Day poll. The majority of those who wouldn’t swap think the Queen couldn’t handle their common jobs.

One third of the 1,600 people who took part in the survey organised by job website Monsterboard.nl said they would stick to the jobs they have.

About 18 percent said they would stay in their jobs because they liked their work. An equal number said the Queen’s job was too heavy a burden.

But 46 percent of those questioned said the Queen simply couldn’t handle their jobs.

Rob Brouwer, Monsterboard.nl’s managing director, told news agency ANP that it showed the pride people took in their employment.

“People believe their own jobs are very unique and don’t believe anyone else could take over from them just like that – not even the Queen,” he said.

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