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Publisher distributes free books on trains

Published on 01/12/2003

1 December 2003

AMSTERDAM — For the nation’s book lovers and those yet to be converted, publisher Lemniscaat freely distributed 7,000 books in trains operating between Rotterdam and Groningen and from Haarlem to Maastricht on Monday morning.

Publishing staff were on the go from about 6am onwards as they placed the books in the trains — which travel to the four corners of the Netherlands — at Utrecht station.

The 20 titles range from philosophy or psychology through to youth books and a spokeswoman said there was something for everyone, NOS reported.

The intention is that travellers read the books on the train and leave them there so that they circulate through to fellow commuters. But Lemniscaat, which is celebrating its 40th birthday — has accepted the risk that some people might decide to take the books home.

“We hope that everyone will leave the books there. All books have a sticker requesting the book be left in the train,” the spokeswoman said.

“But I can imagine that if you have started a book and you enjoy it, you will want to take it home. Take it home then, but bring it back to the train the next time.”

The publisher said its publicity stunt was aimed at promoting the reading of books in the train, but admitted that as the festive season approached, it was well-timed action.

“Yes, all the better. We don’t complain about publicity,” the Lemniscaat spokeswoman said.

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