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Psychic ‘misled actress over cancer’

Published on 18/02/2004

18 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — Accused of misleading Dutch actress Sylvia Millecam to a “chanceless” death from cancer, psychic medium Jomanda was confronted on Wednesday with news that the Public Prosecution (OM) is set to launch a criminal investigation.

After a Health Inspectorate report claimed on Tuesday that Jomanda was guilty of prosecutable actions, the public prosecutor OM said on Wednesday it will examine the matter and decide at a later date whether to launch an official investigation.

Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, Millecam never believed she was suffering from the disease. Instead, the actress thought it was a bacterial infection and she died in August 2001, news agency ANP reported.

Her alternative therapists also believed Millecam was not suffering from cancer and shortly after her death, Jomanda said she had discovered from “the other world” that the illness was something other than cancer.

But the Health Inspectorate claims that Jomanda and alternative therapists “misled” Millecam by saying she did not have breast cancer. The therapists had also predicted that the actress would be cured.

Millecam’s mother, however, is opposed to the prosecution of Jomanda, claiming that her daughter did not allow herself to be misled and regularly visited normal doctors.

She also said the prosecution of Jomanda would be unjust because Millecam’s family had not been consulted about the matter.
Millecam died at the age of 45 in August 2001 and the inspectorate launched its inquiry in the summer of 2002. It has lodged a complaint with the public prosecution this week and discussions between the OM and the inspectorate have already taken place.

Leaked to the press on Tuesday, public news service NOS said the report’s main conclusions were:

• therapists convinced Millecam she did not have cancer;
• her illness was described by therapists as an inflammation;
• therapists used unfounded treatments;
• a sect-like atmosphere was created around Millecam;
• the actress was regularly advised against visiting normal doctors and
•  incorrect treatments led to a chanceless fight against cancer.

But a spokeswoman for Jomanda said the psychic is confident of being cleared in any potential courtroom battles. Jomanda has not yet been made aware, however, of the precise nature of the allegations leveled against her.

Claiming to be acting on the insistence of Mary, the mother of Jesus, she has refused to comment further until 29 March as a form of “penance” for a “misguided” Dutch nation.

Jomanda claims she not give medical advice to Millecam — known for her roles in several films and the Ook dat nog! consumer justice television series — and instead allegedly urged her to see a doctor.

According to the inspectorate, the actress visited 28 therapists and doctors, including Jomanda. Some therapists face disciplinary action and criminal prosecution.

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