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Psychic medium swindles EUR 40,000

5 December 2003

AMSTERDAM — A 37-year-old woman has been swindled of more than EUR 40,000 by a psychic medium she had called in to help cure her of relationship problems.

Several consultations costs the Rotterdam woman almost EUR 20,000, after which an expensive special ritual was held at her house, newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Friday.

The woman was told to give the medium a scale containing water, an envelope containing EUR 25,000 and a handkerchief. After a lot of “hocus pocus” the man left and the woman was instructed to wash herself with the water and place the handkerchief under her pillow.

The woman and the psychic medium had agreed that after the woman slept on Thursday night she would ring the medium on Friday to tell him about a possible dream.

But when the woman rang to say she had not dreamed, the medium told her to open the envelope and the woman saw that the money had been changed into pieces of paper. The medium has since disappeared.

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