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Prosecution appeals release of Hells Angels

28 September 2004

AMSTERDAM — The national prosecution office has lodged an appeal against the release from custody of the former president of the Amsterdam Hells Angels and two other suspects.

Police arrested “Big Willem” van Boxtel, 50, and two other men last week on suspicion of planning the murder of Freddie Heineken kidnapper and top criminal Willem Holleeder. 

But an Amsterdam judge ordered the release of the suspects on Monday due to a lack of evidence, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

Big Willem was recently expelled from the Hells Angels when he allegedly confessed the murder plan. The Hells Angels claim he admitted taking an advance payment of EUR 250,000 on a EUR 1 million murder contract ordered by property tycoon Willem Endstra.

Endstra has often been described as the “banker of the underworld” and was shot and killed in Amsterdam in May. He had in the past denied any criminal links.

The two other men arrested have been identified as Willem P., who was recently expelled from the IJmuiden Hells Angels chapter and a non-gang member, Willem de M. Both men are also accused of being involved in the murder plot.

The murder plot, a lawyer for the club recently said, involved planting a bomb in the Angels’ own social centre on H.J.E. Wenckebachweg in Amsterdam when Holleeder was present.

The three alleged plotters were not concerned about the possibility some of their Angel “brothers” could also be killed, the club said.

The club has not provided independent evidence to corroborate the allegations.

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