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‘Privé’ runs royal photos

Published on 19/07/2005

19 July 2005

AMSTERDAM – ‘Privé’ has ignored the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst’s restrictions on publishing photographs taken last Sunday of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Máxima and princesses Amalia and Alexia.

The weekly magazine went on sale on Tuesday, a day earlier than usual, with Máxima and Alexia on the cover.

The royal family had invited the press on Sunday for a photo shoot at their estate, Eikenhorst. ‘Privé’ was not welcome because the RVD said it did not respect the family’s privacy.

‘Privé’ objected to the letter in a letter from its lawyer, ‘its content, its tone, and its publication’, said editor in chief E Santegoeds.

He said on Tuesday he had not yet heard back from the RVD nor received any reaction to the photos, which the magazine obtained from a sympathetic photographer.

‘Privé’ and the prince’s family have not seen eye to eye for some time. Recently the magazine published photos of a family outing to a children’s farm. The RVD wants to ban pictures of private activities. ‘Privé’ refuses to subscribe to the RVD’s media code, which Santegoeds calls a diktat.

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