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Posh Spice lashes out at ‘tart’ in sex scandal

19 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Amid reports that Real Madrid star import David Beckham has confessed to having had sex with a Dutch woman, his pop singer wife Victoria lashed out and vowed: “I won’t let that tart ruin my marriage”.

As speculation about the alleged extra-marital activities of the English soccer captain continue, the 30-year-old former Spice Girl also said she and her husband will not separate, British newspaper the Sun has reported.

British tabloids are having a field day over the scandal. A Sunday newspaper claimed Beckham has confessed to Victoria about the affair and to sending sexy SMS messages to Loos. According to the News of the World, he confessed during an emotional phone call to Victoria on 8 April.

The newspaper also claims that he fought back tears and begged his wife to give him another chance. Close friends reportedly said Beckham’s phone call left Posh devastated and she considered a trial separation.

To further underpin its story, the News of the World reported that Beckham, 28, later phoned a close mate and confided the full extent of his torment: “I don’t know what to do. I love Victoria, but she’s really upset. I’ve let everyone down”.

And referring to the affair, he reportedly said: “It just happened. I don’t know what I was doing”.

But in a contradictory report, the Sun claims it has been told that Beckham has not confessed and that Victoria, alias Posh Spice, has ruled out a trial separation.

Meanwhile, Loos, 26, claimed in a kiss-and-tell TV interview last week that she “felt zilch” for Beckham when they first met, but admitted her feelings built as she got to know him. “He is an amazing lover,” she claimed.

Loos — born in Spain to a British mother and a Dutch diplomat — was Beckham’s personal assistant when he transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid last year. She claims they first had sex in a Madrid hotel room in September.

“I think the chemistry between David and I was so strong that people were aware and people were not happy because I was being very unprofessional,” she said in her first television interview aired on Sky One last week.

“I knew that there was a huge risk involved if I was to get involved sexually with this man — he was a public figure and I would lose my job.”

The interview was aired on Dutch commercial television station SBS 6 on Sunday night and Loos claimed that Beckham fed her strawberries the morning after they first had sex. She also showed the interviewer one of the SMS messages she allegedly received from the soccer star.

But Beckham — who tried to prevent the interview going to air last week — has officially dismissed claims he had an affair with his former employee as “ludicrous”.

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