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Police sent letter about Sedar shooting

10 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — Rotterdam police have been sent an anonymous letter about the unsolved murder of 13-year-old Sedar Soares, who was shot and killed last year after throwing snowballs in a city car park.

The letter was received within one week of crime stoppers TV show, Opsporing Verzocht, giving the crime renewed attention, newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Tuesday.

Police are treating the letter like a tip, the same as the 50 telephone calls that were made to authorities after the TV broadcast. Police have refused to release details of the letter, but want to make contact with whoever sent the letter.

Sedar Soares was shot and killed on 1 February last year as he threw snowballs with friends at the Slinge metro station car park in Rotterdam.

It was initially believed that he was shot by an irate motorist, but the prosecution has recently revealed that he could have been caught in the crossfire of a shootout between criminals. The killing remains a mystery.

About 1,000 people observed the 12-month anniversary of Sedar’s death earlier this month.
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