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Police rescue ‘kidnapped’ bride-to-be

Published on 08/03/2004

8 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — Contacted by witnesses fearing an abduction, police in the northern Dutch city of Assen mistakenly swooped in to rescue a blindfolded woman seen departing in a black car on Saturday morning.

Witnesses spotted the car as it departed from a local carpool car park and police officers forced the driver to pull over at the Oranjekanaal viaduct, public news service NOS reported.

Police found a 29-year-old Assen woman was driving the car and a 27-year-old blindfolded Assen woman was sitting in the passenger seat.

Informed that the two women were involved in a “hen’s day” outing for the blindfolded future bride, police alarm turned to happy smiles and they wished the duo an enjoyable day.

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