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PM attack suspect faces psychiatric detention

20 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — The man arrested carrying a knife near the house of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in October last year posed a real threat to the Dutch politician or his wife, Rotterdam Court was told on Tuesday.

The prosecution has asked the court to jail the man for two years and incarcerate him for an additional period in a psychiatric unit at the end of that term.

Psychiatric experts from the PBC observation clinic said the suspect experienced hallucinations and also advised the court to impose TBS psychiatric detention in a bid to help cure him, public news service NOS reported.

The suspect — identified as Adem T., 33, of Zoetermeer — was arrested last October near Balkenende’s home in Capelle aan den IJssel. He was carrying a knife at the time and a gun was seized in a search of his house later.

The prosecution told the court the suspect had ill intentions and suspects him of planning to murder or attack the prime minister or his wife Bianca.

It is alleged that T.’s paranoia convinced him that Balkenende’s wife admired him and was seeking to make contact with him. He later claimed that she was following him and it is possible, the psychiatrists says, that he wanted to put a stop to it.

The man’s defence lawyer previously said T. was not looking for Balkenende and had gone to Capelle aan den IJssel because the prime minister’s wife lived there. But the prime minister’s wife told police she did not know T. and had not made any appointment with him.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed in court on Tuesday that T. was sentenced three years ago to 21 months jail by a court in The Hague after he stabbed a male neighbour in September 2001.

A spokeswoman for Rotterdam Court said a ruling in the latest case will be handed down on 4 May.

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