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Oldest Dutch man dies, aged 107

Published on 14/05/2004

14 May 2004

AMSTERDAM — Gerard Henri Timmermans, the oldest man of the Netherlands, died in the central town of Ermelo on Thursday. He was 107.

A spokeswoman for the nursing home De Dillenburg — where Timmermans lived — said he died at 3.45pm in his own room. The spokeswoman was speaking on behalf of Timmermans’ son.

Timmermans was born on 30 November 1896 and lived independently up until his 103rd birthday. After his 100th birthday, Timmermans was taught by his son how a computer worked. The family has requested minimal media attention.

While not yet official, the oldest living man in the Netherlands is believed to be the 106-year-old J.G.F. Rosbach, of Haarlem, news agency ANP reported.

The oldest resident of the Netherlands is the 113-year-old Hendrikje (Hennie) van Andel-Schippers, of Hoogeveen. She was born on 29 June 1890 and officially is the oldest Dutch person ever. She is an avid fan of Ajax and the royal family.

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