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NOS to launch hourly news service

16 December 2003

AMSTERDAM — Dutch public news broadcaster NOS Journal is launching an hourly television news bulletin service on weekdays starting from 5 January next year.

Between 7-9am there will be a news bulletin broadcast every half-hour and from 6pm the news bulletins will be broadcast every hour on television station, Nederland 2.

The NOS editorial department will also obtain 24-hour TV rights, meaning that the news service can broadcast during the night in times of crisis or disaster.
Editor-in-chief Hans Laroes said it was hoped that NOS could more quickly respond when important news was breaking. NOS presently has a quality news website and several regular evening TV bulletins.

And despite the fact its existing government funding is being cut by EUR 1 million, EUR 1.5 million has been allocated from a separate fund to make the expansion in service possible.

The daily sport journals in the morning will disappear and sport will be integrated into the NOS Journal concept.

NOS Studio Sport presenter Astrid Kersseboom will switch to NOS Journal, where she will present the news bulletins in the morning and afternoon.
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