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Ministers’ wages ‘should be 30pc higher’

Published on 09/04/2004

9 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — The salaries of government ministers should increase by 30 percent above the current gross monthly amount of EUR 9,500, a special commission has advised Interior Minister Johan Remkes.

Led by former minister Hans Dijkstal, the commission said it was undesirable that most top public servants earn more than government ministers. In future, the intention is that ministers will be paid more than public servants.

This means that the wage of a government minister must increase by about EUR 2,800 to a gross monthly amount of about EUR 12,000, news service RTL reported.

But amid a grim economic climate, the government is set to extend record budget cuts announced last year to reduce a worrying budget deficit. Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm said now was not the time to increase ministers’ salaries.

Meanwhile, the commission — which will officially present its advice next week —  said the salary of MPs has increased in recent years, while ministers’ salaries remained stable. This was also undesirable, it said.

The advice comes after unions and employers agreed on a two-year wage freeze late last year. In exchange, the government offered several concessions on its planned budget cuts.

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