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Man arrested for speeding at 203kmh

29 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — Police arrested a male motorist on Saturday for speeding at 203kmh on the A4 motorway, where a maximum speed limit of just 120kmh applies.

The 21-year-old Voorburg resident said he didn’t think he was driving faster than 130kmh, news agency ANP reported.

The man was pulled over and arrested on the A10 Amsterdam ring road after a difficult police chase on the A4. He did not have a licence and was driving a borrowed car. Police seized the car.

Dutch police make regular arrests of so called “speed demon” drivers. A 24-year-old motorist was arrested last month for driving at 160kmh in an 80kmh zone. He later admitted hitting 240kmh and using cocaine.

A police surveillance car spotted the speeder and set out in pursuit as speeds topped 160kmh. The man, from the small fishing village of Urk in the province of Flevoland, was arrested and ordered to hand in his licence and undergo a blood test.

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