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Inquries into disappearance of pregnant women

20 February 2003
AMSTERDAM — Police in Amsterdam are searching for a pregnant woman who has gone missing, the second such disappearance within 12 months.

The 18-year-old Emilie Bebey has been missing for almost three weeks. She was due to give birth on 15 February, news agency nu.nl reported on Friday.

The pregnant Deborah Rosiek, of Amsterdam, disappeared in July 2003, one day before she was scheduled to undergo a Caesarean section in hospital. She was expecting twins.

Police arrested a suspect in the Rosiek case at the start of the month, but the case remains unsolved.

Meanwhile, Bebey has not been in contact with her pregnancy advisor since the end of January and has not reported to the hospital. But police are not 100 percent certain she has met with foul play.

A police spokeswoman said there is no link between the two cases.

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