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Headmaster creates stir over evolution

Published on 12/05/2005

12 May 2005

AMSTERDAM — A headmaster of a Protestant school has agreed to stay at home for a few days after causing a stir by his insistence his teachers adhere to the Christian theory of Creationism.

Peter Boon of Augustinus College in the northern city of Groningen said in an interview with newspaper “Dagblad van het Noorden” earlier this week he could not tolerate one of his teachers telling a class he was a supporter of the Theory of Evolution.

News agency ANP reported that many of the teachers in the school disagree with this and believe that the Theory of Evolution can go hand-in-hand with the Christian view on how life — and humans in particular — has developed.

During a staff meeting, some teachers indicated to Boon they felt offended and as if they were not been taken seriously.

As a result of the meeting, Boon he will create a “cooling off period” by staying away from the school until Tuesday. Monday is a holiday in the Netherlands.

Boon issued a statement on Thursday in which he indicated he regretted his remarks to the paper because the subtleties of his argument had been lost.

He said that a teacher cannot simply state to his or her class that man descended from an ape. “People have to explain how evolution theory relates to Christian belief,” Boon said.

Boon said he had the utmost confidence he could continue discussions with his staff about the question. “As a school, you continually ask yourself questions. I am convinced we shall find the road to wisdom,” he added.

Apart from his job as head of Augustinus College, Boon is an active member of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende’s Christian Democrat party (CDA). Boon is a former alderman of Ten Boer municipality and vice-chairman of the provincial board of the CDA.

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