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Great integration debate postponed

Published on 16/06/2004

16 June 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch Parliament has postponed the “big integration debate” until after the summer recess on request from the Liberal VVD, which needs more preparation time.

MPs were due to debate the recent findings of the Blok Commission, which assessed the success and failures of the Dutch government’s integration policies over the past 30 years.

Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk represents the VVD in the Cabinet and coalition government partner the Christian Democrat CDA backed the VVD request to postpone the debate. The opposition parties and government party Democrats D66 were fiercely opposed.

The Parliament will go into summer recess on 1 July and the President of the Lower House, Frans Weisglas, has decided the debate will be held in the first week after the summer recess at the start of September.

The Blok Commission reported earlier this year on Dutch integration policy, claiming that many immigrants succeeded to integrate into Dutch society despite the apparent failure of government policy.

Immigration and integration in the Netherlands is the current hot political potato and every party has revamped its policies as the government and opposition parties formulate methods to ease social tension and integrate immigrants into the community.

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