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‘Good thief’ sorry for burglary and theft

Published on 24/05/2004

24 May 2004

AMSTERDAM — A thief who broke into the office of charity and social work group Humanitas developed regret for his actions last week and apologised.

The burglar left a handwritten note praising the work of Humanitas and advised how the organisation could use putty to replace the plastic window he had removed to enter the building.

Furthermore, the burglar apologised for emptying the biscuit tin and stealing a few Easter eggs. He said that he will donate a small sum when he has sufficient money, public news service NOS reported.

“Apologies for the inconvenience,” the burglar wrote.

Humanitas decided against lodging a formal police complaint. “It gives a good feeling that there are good thieves,” its website said.

The organisation works towards a society in which people are actively engaged in and take responsibility for society. It is involved in wellbeing, healthcare and housing projects.

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