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Girl alleges group rape in deaf school

Published on 09/01/2004

9 January 2004

AMSTERDAM — Police and justice officials are investigating a claim by a 14-year-old girl that she was repeatedly raped over several years by 11 male students, aged 13 and 15, at the school for the deaf they all attended in Zoetermeer.

Some of the alleged incidents involved a single attacker, but several of the boys took part in others, she has told investigators.

Justice officials are going to prosecute three of the suspects, but the fate of the other eight has not yet been revealed, newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Friday.

All 11 boys were expelled from Effatha school after the alleged victim told two staff members that the boys had forced her into sexual activity, the management board of the Effatha group of schools confirmed on Friday.

The girl alleges that the incidents took place within school hours once the teacher had left the classroom.

“The unethical behaviour apparently took place in short periods in hall ways, toilets, outside the school building just as there was no direct physical supervision. Sometimes five to 10 minutes was apparently enough,” the board said.

The alleged victim has been placed with a foster family in North Holland province, and is receiving therapy and education. Three of the suspects had been living in the school, but have now returned to their family homes. All 11 boys are getting home schooling.

The rape complaint was made in October, but the school board said that the investigation was slow as all the questioning had to take place with the help of a translator for the deaf.

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