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Get ready for Super Tuesday!

Published on 01/02/2008

It’s not too late to participate in the democratic primaries from overseas. Democrats Abroad launched an incredible effort this year to draw US citizens living overseas to take part in Super Tuesday.

While the deadline for registering to vote in the primaries online, by email or fax has passed, you can still vote in person next week at any of the events organised in your country by Democrats Abroad.

You will not require any prior registration, just show up at the specified location on the date indicated (there are voting sessions on Super Tuesday and later in the week in some countries) and you’ll be able to register in person and cast your vote in the Global Presidential Primaries. Make sure you have a photo ID and proof of US citizenship – a US passport preferably – with you, as well as proof of (foreign) residency.

Remember that if you have already sent in a ballot to your home state, you cannot cast a second ballot next week, that would be the equivalent of voting in two states.

Voting Centres will be open during specified hours between 5–12 February in 33 countries around the world. (For a full list of locations look here)

Below you’ll find the specific voting centre information for US citizens living in the following countries. Many of these voting sessions will be accompanied or followed by live music and other entertainment:

Planning ahead

To vote in the US presidential election in November, overseas voters must request a ballot from authorities in the place where they last resided in the US. This process is now simplified by the free online tool at

In Switzerland you can vote in person on Tuesday 5 February at the Swiss Voting Centre in Geneva
Hotel Warwick
14, rue de Lausanne (across from the train station)
Open: 18:00 – 22:00h
For more info contact: [email protected]