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Family link denied in Maja murder

Published on 01/12/2003

1 December 2003

AMSTERDAM — The authorities have denied a newspaper report on Monday that there was a family link between the culprit and murdered schoolgirl 16-year-old Maja Bradaric.

It refuted claims made in newspaper De Telegraaf that Maja was killed by her 18-year-old nephew, Goran M., a Bosnian Muslim of Nijmegen. It is alleged in the report that Goran committed premeditated murder, an NOS news report said.

Sources close to the investigation claimed the schoolgirl, also of Bosnian descent, was killed because she had become too “westernised” and in regards boyfriends, had turned her back on the Muslim culture, bringing shame to her family circle.

But the sources refused to label the murder an honour killing, a term frequently applied to deaths among the Muslim community. Such killings are designed to reverse any dishonour a victim has allegedly brought to a traditional Islamic family.

Meanwhile, it is also alleged that Goran’s 18-year-old Muslim friend, Ferdi 0., helped him carry out the murder. Maja’s former boyfriend, 16-year-old Goran P., might also be prosecuted for being an accomplice to the crime. It is alleged that he is an important witness who has failed to come forward with information about the murder.

Maja’s burning body was found shortly after midnight near the eastern city of Nijmegen on 18 November. The cause of death has not been made public, but an autopsy indicated the girl was dead before her body was set alight.

The prosecution has said the motive for the killing was relationship-based, but there was no indication of sexual assault. Two 18-year-old suspects have confessed to the murder.

Police have arrested five suspects, but has ordered the release of a 16-year-old girl.  A fifth suspect, reportedly a 15-year-old girlfriend of Maja, was remanded in custody on Thursday 27 November.

Several weeks before her death, Maja had become a member of an internet website to search for boyfriends. She wrote in discussion forums under the profile name xxSweetyxx and said one of her greatest hobbies was to “hunt for boys”.

Responding on the website to the choice “life or death” she said: “Life, of course” and in response to the question: “What will be your last words before you die?” the girl answered: “I don’t want to die yet”.
Family and friends paid their last respects to Maja with up to an estimated 1,000 people who attended her Nijmegen funeral on 26 November. The schoolgirl was buried at the local cemetery, Jonkerbosch.

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