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Ex-UWV chief considers legal action

Published on 15/03/2004

15 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — Forced to resign as boss of the UWV, Tjibbe Joustra is considering taking legal action against the accountants that contributed to a commission report criticising expensive renovations to the social security service’s Amsterdam office.

Based on the commission’s findings that the renovations exceeded budget estimates, Social Affairs Minister Aart Jan de Geus said he had been incorrectly informed by Joustra and apologised to the Parliament.

The minister subsequently demanded that the UWV chief resign and Joustra has since been appointed as a social security advisor and will receive an appropriate replacement job within 12 months, newspaper De Volkskrant reported on Monday.

But Joustra has also pointed out that “every citizen may defend themselves against accusations” and said he wants to find out if the accountants kept to regulations. He also claims the investigating commission’s report was written as an accusation.

He is demanding a meeting with the accountants and if he remains unsatisfied, will consider taking them to the industry’s disciplinary council. But accounting firm Deloitte has previously said is does not doubt the quality of the report.

Meanwhile, Joustra said he agreed to resign as UWV chief to prevent any further damages and was pleased with his successor.

After De Geus appointed a four-week temporary chief of the UWV in February, it was confirmed late last week that a present member of the UWV board of management, Annette Dumig, 55, will permanently replace Joustra.

Dumig was previously general director of Gak Nederland, one of the five social security services which merged to form the UWV in 2002. The UWV is responsible for WW jobless benefits and the WAO worker disability scheme.

UWV deputy chief Pieter Cloo has been allowed to remain in his present function, despite also being temporarily suspended last month. He is no longer in charge, however, of UWV office accommodation.

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