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Dutch news in brief – 8 June 2004

Published on 08/06/2004

Prosecution appeals Maja murder jail terms

The public prosecutor in Arnhem has appealed against the sentenced handed down on the murderers of Nijmegen school girl Maja Bardaric. Arnhem Court sentenced 18-year-old Goran M. to eight years jail with TBS psychiatric detention, but the prosecution had demanded an initial jail term of 12 years. It has also appealed against the 11-year jail term handed down on 19-year-old Ferdi O., having initially demanded a 15-year sentence. Co-suspect 17-year-old Goran P. was sentenced was sentenced to three years jail, lower than the prosecution’s demand of six years.

‘A little black spot in the sun today’

Venus passed between the Earth and the sun on Tuesday, creating a small black circle on the sun for about six hours. Venus appeared at 7.19am and disappeared from view at 1.23pm. It was the fifth time since 1882 that the phenomenon had occurred and the planet’s slow orbit around the sun was visible to the eye with assistance of a special filter. The planet was visible in Europe, Africa and most of Asia. The appearance of Venus is special because the Earth, sun and Venus are only in a straight line four times every 243 years. This happens at intervals of 122, eight, 105 and 8 years. History books only mention the phenomenon five times. The last time that occurred was in 1882.

Concrete block crushes motorcyclist

A 28-year-old motorcyclist was crushed to death on Monday night after a 30m-long concrete block used in roadway viaducts fell from the semi-trailer it was being transported on. The man, of Alphen aan den Rijn, was passing the truck on an Alphen aan den Rijn road when the accident occurred. The truck was traveling in the opposite direction at the time. A female passenger on the motorbike was slightly injured in the accident and taken to the Leiden hospital. It is not yet known why the concrete viaduct joist fell from the truck and work to remove it from the road continued deep into the night.

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