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Dutch news in brief, 31 May 2006

German faces jail over 1977 murder

Former Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorist Knut Folkerts must return to prison to serve a sentence for murdering Utrecht policeman Arie Kranenburg in 1977. A court in The Hague rejected his application on Wednesday to declare the 1977 judgement null and void. Folkerts was a member of the RAF in the 1970s and he shot Kranenburg while resisting arrest. He was sentenced to 20 years for the murder, but was extradited to Germany to face other charges after a year. The Dutch claim this was on the understanding Folkerts would serve out the Dutch sentence as well as the sentences he received in Germany. But in 1995 Folkerts was released from jail. Wednesday’s judgement means he can be returned to jail.

Ancient tree tumbles over

One of the oldest trees in the Netherlands has fallen because it could no longer support its own weight. The ‘thousand-year pine’ in the Wolfhezer forest in Gelderland Province was at least 400 years old. Park rangers considered the tree to be quite healthy but an examination after its collapse revealed many of its roots were dead. The pine was given its misleading name by a group of landscape painters in 1850.

Fewer young people buying tobacco

The number of young people under 16 buying cigarettes and tobacco illegally continues to fall. But nine out of 10 16-year-olds succeed when they attempt to buy cigarettes, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said on Wednesday. In 1999 at least 25 percent of people under 16 had bought cigarettes at least once. Research among teenagers and shops indicates this declined to 6 percent last year.

Ahold buys supermarkets

Almost all Konmar supermarkets have been sold by loss-making mother company Laurus-concern to rivals Ahold and Jumbo. In a EUR 113 million sell-off, Ahold takes over 29 Konmar super stores and Jumbo gets 12. Negotiations continue in relation to three more Konmars. Last week Laurus announced the sale of its Edah chain of stores to Sligro & Sperwer for EUR 221 million.

Amsterdam gorilla enjoys playboy lifestyle

Amsterdam gorilla Ivo has not been as productive as his handlers had hoped he would be in Berlin Zoo. The 190-kilo gorilla was moved in 2005 to help create a new generation at Berlin Zoo following the death of the local male. Ivo has made himself at home among his harem of female gorilla sin the Germany zoo, and has even tried to seduce women visitors through the bars of his enclosure. But the hoped for pitter patter of tiny gorilla feet has yet to be heard. 


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