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Dutch news in brief, 28 September 2004

MPs critical of Cabinet’s policies

Dutch MPs have heaped criticism on the Cabinet’s plans for 2005.  The left-wing opposition parties Labour PvdA, Socialist Party and green-left GroenLinks were primarily concerned about the budget cuts and the government’s agenda. The government coalition factions Christian Democrat CDA, Liberal VVD and D66 defended the Cabinet’s plans, but criticised government ministers for failing to adequately explain their policies. PvdA leader Wouter Bos said the Cabinet was projecting a false image of itself, claiming the VVD was deciding the facts and the majority party CDA was being left to invent a adequate cover story. VVD leader Jozias van Aartsen said it was time for the Netherlands to stop complaining and said it was important to restore confidence among the public, Radio Netherlands reported. CDA leader Maxime Verhagen admitted the tough economising measures were necessary to get the Netherlands back on top. Moreover, the cabinet appears set to accept EUR 1.1 billion in reduced budget cuts proposed by the CDA, VVD and D66. Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm will respond to the Parliament on behalf of the Cabinet on Wednesday.

Youth care ‘fails’ to safe lives of 24 children annually

On average, 24 children who have been registered with Dutch youth care services die every year due to abuse, it was claimed on Tuesday. A spokesman for the youth care bureau, Jeugdzorg Nederland, said in most cases, family doctors do not report the abuse because they do not believe any action will be taken, Radio Netherlands reported. The spokesman was reacting to the death of three-year-old Savanna of Alphen aan den Rijn, whose body was found last week in the boot of a car her mother and a man were travelling in. Social workers were aware of problem in the family.

Road users gain video traffic jam information

Road users will from 1 November be able to view online live video footage from 13 traffic junctions to allow them to adjust their route if necessary. The Department of Waterways and Public Works will provide the video footage to commercial enterprises that will take turns providing the video images to the nation’s road users. Motorist privacy will be maintained by ensuring that number plates are illegible and in the event of serious accidents, only test footage will be displayed.

Dutch porn star: every woman is a ‘slut’

Famous Dutch porn star Kim Holland has published a book “SexPower” to champion women’s sexual self-confidence. “A woman is a girl, mother, responsible wife, but also a slut,” she said at the presentation of her book in her Scheveningen nightclub on Tuesday. Holland hopes to be a source of inspiration about sexual self-confidence and to help people to a better sex life, newspaper De Telegraaf reported. Men can also profit from the book, she asserts. “But you cannot blame men if they don’t do it well because even many women don’t know what they think is pleasant and nice,” she said. Holland said everyone possesses sex power and despite admitting she was not a psychologist, the porn star said she wants to take women by the hand and help them discover their instinctive sexual urges.

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