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Dutch news in brief – 23 March

Published on 23/03/2004

Princess Juliana's body embalmed

The body of Princess Juliana has been embalmed, the government information service RVD has confirmed. The inner royal family is the only Dutch family that may opt for this procedure. Generally only bodies that are transported to other countries, as was the case with Pim Fortuyn, may be embalmed. Juliana’s mother Queen Wilhelmina and her grandmother Queen Emma broke with the House of Orange tradition and refused to be embalmed. The body of Prince Claus, the October 2002 deceased husband of Queen Beatrix, was embalmed. The royal family historically chose for embalming due to the long length of time between death and interment in the family tomb in Delft.

Dutch candidate in running for EU anti-terror job

The Netherlands has selected a candidate for the new European anti-terror chief, Foreign Minister Ben Bot said on Monday after meeting with EU colleagues in Brussels. Rumours are circulating that the candidate is a former Liberal VVD interior state secretary, Gijs de Vries. But Bot also said there are several candidates for the position. Once appointed, the new EU anti-terror chief will come under the supervision of EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana. He or she must within 180 days of taking up the position present a report identifying concrete steps the EU can take to improve its fight against terrorism.

Dutch companies keep close check on emails

Two thirds of Dutch employers check the emails of their employees, IT company Hitachi claims. The European average is 56 percent. Dutch Christian trade union federation FNV is concerned by the figure, saying it was surprised by the number of companies that check up on workers. But employees association VNO-NCW was less critical, claming that companies are allowed to keep a watch on employees to ensure they do not surf the internet too much or send too many emails.

Tilburg mayoral race a contest of two

The city of Tilburg is still looking for a new mayor to replace the deceased Johan Stekelenburg, who died of cancer in September 2003. Two candidates are in the running, namely present Zaanstad Mayor Ruud Freeman and the chief of Christian trade union federation CNV, Doekle Terpstra. The Tilburg Council may only opt for one candidate and Interior Minister Johan Remkes has the final say.

Clocks set to go forward

Summer time will start on Sunday 28 March. This means that clocks will be wound forward by one hour at 2am on Sunday, giving an extra hour of daylight at night. But it is advised to turn your clock forward before you go to bed on Saturday night!

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