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Dutch news in brief, 21 February 2006

Employers struggle to fill vacancies

Three out of every 10 employers in the Netherlands have difficulty filling job vacancies. Worldwide 40 percent of the firms have the same problem, according to a study of 33,000 employers in 23 countries and regions carried out by  temp agency Manpower. The scarcity in the Dutch vacancies market is getting worse. It is particularly felt by firms who are seeking trades people and professionals such as gas-fitters, welders, nurses, legal personnel, teachers and accountants.

Half the country embarrassed by PM

Almost half of the Dutch public is embarrassed by Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende, newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ suggested on Tuesday on the basis of research by TNS Nipo and the University of Leiden. Forty-nine percent of the respondents admitted feeling angry on hearing the Prime Minister’s name. One in five expressed enthusiasm for Christian Democrat leader Balkenende. Confidence in Balkenende is fairly high among supporters of coalition partner, the Liberal VVD. Confidence in Balkenende also splits along age lines: 55 of people aged 55-plus trust him, while 30 percent of people aged 35 to 55 feel the same way.

Court confirms life term of arson deaths

An appeal court in Den Bosch confirmed the life sentence imposed on Eindhoven man R.M., 37, for arranging the fire at the house of his Turkish neighbours in August 2004. Turkish brothers Baris (8) and Bircan (14) died in the blaze. The defendant’s girlfriend, D.F., 23, was sentenced to 15 years by the appeal court. Two men recruited by M. to start the fire were given sentences of 17 years and 18 years.

Dutch are dangerous with darts

Dutchman Jelle Klaasen may be the Darts champion of the world, but many of his country men and women should not be allowed near a dart board. Every year 120 people are taken to a hospital emergency department with a darts-related injury. The Consumer Safety Council published a report on Tuesday indicating 12 people a year get a dart in the eye. Many people are injured because their opponent has not waited for them to vacate the line of fire. Others are casualties of poorly-secured dart board falling on them.

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