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Dutch news in brief – 19 March

Court extends custody in Hells Angels case

A court in Roermond has remanded two Hells Angels bikers, aged 37 and 43, in continuing custody for a further 30 days. They are accused of killing three fellow members of biker club De Nomads. The victims’ bodies were found in a stream in the town Echt in mid February. A spokesman for the court said the extension of the custody related solely to this case, and not to the claim the two were caught holding two members of an Antillean bikers’ group, the Caribbean Brothers, hostage. The court has decided there is insufficient evidence in that case to merit a further remand. Separately, the court extended the custody order for the two ‘hostages’, who allegedly were carrying loaded guns when police moved in to rescue them on 8 March.

Dutch parliament supports proposal to collect DNA

Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has the support of MPs for his proposal to collect DNA samples from anyone sentenced to a sentence of four years or more in jail, Radio Netherlands reports. Up to now, genetic material could only be collected from people found guilty of very serious crimes such as rape and murder. The DNA data of convicted criminals will be stored in a databank for 20 to 30 years.

Teens can choose own surname

The Justice Ministry announced new regulations on Friday to make it easier for children to change their surname once they turn 13. Nothing more than the child’s agreement to the name change will be required once the new rules come into force on 1 June. The consent of both parents will be needed for a child under 12 to have his or her surname changed. The only exception will be if one parent has abused the child and has been out of the family home for five years. In that instance the consent of one parent will suffice, the ministry said.

Police investigate killer’s murder

A team of 20 detectives has been assembled to investigate Thursday’s murder of Martin Hoogland – the man who shot and killed infamous drugs baron Klaas Bruinsma in front of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam on 27 June 1991. Former police detective Hoogland, 47, was due for release from a 20-year sentence in July. He was shot of his bike by automatic fire in the town of Hoorn where he was resident in an open prison. The gunman escaped and a police spokesman said investigators were maintaining “radio silence” about the progress of the investigation. 

Dutch soprano passes away

Dutch soprano Erna Spoorenberg died on Thursday evening at her home in Vught, her family has revealed. She was 79. Spoorenberg made her debut in an appearance with Radio Hilversum in 1947. In 1958 she became a leading member of the Netherlands Opera in Amsterdam. She made occasional appearances at various European music centres, but principally was associated with the musical life of the Netherlands, made her first appearance at the Vienna State Opera in 1949.

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