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Dutch MPs hit out at anti-Semitic Arab television

Published on 15/04/2004

15 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk promised the Dutch Parliament Thursday the government would raise the issue of anti-Semitic broadcasts with Arab countries.

A majority of parliamentarians voiced concerns that the Netherlands is being flooded with anti-Semitic propaganda by Arab television stations popular with Middle Eastern immigrants.

Verdonk told Parliament on Thursday the government did not think a ban on such broadcasts would be legal. But she promised the issue would be raised with officials in countries where the broadcasts originate from, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

MPS from all parties voiced their concerns about television broadcasts that, in their view, promote anti-Semitism.

While they agreed dealing with the problem would be difficult, MPs called on the government to do more.

The Labour PvdA party teamed up with the ultra-orthodox Christian SGP party to demand the government uses the Dutch chairmanship of the European Union later this year to start a debate about unacceptable viewpoints reaching Europe via Satellite television.

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