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Dutch local taxes increase again

Published on 22/04/2004

22 April 20004

AMSTERDAM — Dutch households will pay 5.6 percent more this year in property tax (OZB), sewage treatment and water purification charges, a report by the University of Groningen claimed on Thursday.

The most expensive municipality in the Netherlands is the well-to-do Abcoude, on the south eastern edge of Amsterdam, NOS news reported. Residents there have to pay EUR 1,146 in local taxes and charges.

In contrast, the people on the island of Ameland pay EUR 442 for the same services to their local council.

The local levies declined by an impressive 15 percent in the Vorden district, but the taxes rose by almost 50 percent in Zoeterwoude.

On average, Dutch households pay EUR 659 in local taxes annually and in most districts the charges for many years only rose in line with inflation. But this year’s 5.6 percent increase comes on top of the 7.4 increase in local taxes in 2003. 

But this has changed and local tax increases are far outstripping the rate of inflation. Sewage charges rose by 6.7 percent, mainly due to the need to replace outdated sewage works and connect up new houses in once rural areas.

Costs levied by water boards — responsible for keeping the country safe from flooding — also rose sharply, by 12 percent. Car taxes also increased.

There was also bad news for rental prices this week, following news that rents would increase more than the 2.9 percent maximum the government had hoped housing associations would adhere to.

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