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Dutch increase speed limit near road works

4 June 2004

AMSTERDAM — Motorists in the Netherlands will in future be allowed to drive at 90kmh, where possible, next to road works starting from this summer. The maximum speed limit on roads with road works is currently 70kmh.

The Ministry of Waterways and Public Works said research had shown some unnecessary speed restrictions caused significant annoyance for road users and led to aggression, which was bad for road safety. 

As a result, Transport Minister Karla Peijs had decided to increase the speed limit, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

This means motorists will be allowed, for example, to increase speed on routes where newly-laid asphalt has been left to dry, but no other work is being carried out.

The same will apply in cases where the road works are cordoned off from the lanes of traffic by concrete barriers.
The Transport Ministry is also developing rules for variable speed limits so that motorists in the lane nearest to the road works will be restricted to 70kmh, while cars in other lanes can drive at 90kmh.

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