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Dutch helicopters come under fire in Kabul

Published on 09/04/2004

9 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Two Dutch Apache combat helicopters were fired at during a mission above the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday night. The aircraft were not hit, but aborted their mission for security reasons.

The Dutch Defence Ministry said on Friday the pilots safely flew both helicopters back to the base at the Kabul international airport, news agency ANP reported.

The Netherlands sent six Apache helicopters and 135 troops to Afghanistan recently to boost the ISAF stabilisation force. The Apaches are vulnerable to ground attack, but have been fitted with decoy flares.

About 650 Dutch troops were stationed with the ISAF force after the Taliban were ousted at the end of 2001. The Dutch and German troops handed over leadership of the mission to Nato in August 2003.

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