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Dutch embassy closed after Indonesian bombing

9 September 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch embassy in Indonesia has issued security tips to Dutch people in the country following Thursday’s bomb attack on the nearby Australian embassy which killed nine people and injured 180.

Offices of the Dutch Rabobank and the Greek embassy were also badly damaged in the blast at about 10.30am local time. They are in a building directly across the street from the Australian embassy on the Jl. Rasuna Said in Jakarta.

The Dutch embassy is further down the street and was closed as a precationary measure. Embassy staff are trying to establish if any Dutch people were caught in the explosion. 

The embassy has called on all Dutch people in Indonesia to place the highest priority on their personal security and to follow the security tips in the embassy’s latest bulletin.

The bulletin was published on the embassy website shortly after the attack.

It advises Dutch people to avoid “as much as possible” places like shopping centres, bars and cinemas that are frequented by “western” foreigners.

“And in particular avoid hotels and other places which can easily be associated with US interests,” the embassy cautioned.

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