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Constantijn registers birth of royal son

24 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — Prince Constantijn, the third son of Queen Beatrix, registered the birth of his second child, named Claus-Casimir,  in the old city hall of The Hague on Tuesday.

Economic Affairs Minister Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, the grandfather of Claus-Casimir, and Minister of State and former Prime Minister Wim Kok acted as witnesses. The title Minister of State is an honorary title given to distinguished former politicians.

The Prince’s wife, Princess Laurentien, gave birth to Claus-Casimir at 12.37am on Sunday in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. He weighed just less than 4kg and was 52cm in height and was described to be “strong and healthy”.

The baby’s full name is Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max, Graaf (Count) van Oranje Naussau, Jonkheer (Esquire) van Amsberg. He is the Queen’s third grandchild and is sixth in line to the Dutch throne.

Due to the death of Princess Juliana on Saturday morning in the Soestdijk Palace, the registration of the birth was of a more subdued character than normal, public news service NOS reported.

“The fact that these two far-reaching events — an end and beginning of life — took place so quickly after each other almost symbolises the cycle of life,” The Hague Mayor Wim Deetman said.

After the registration was completed, Prince Constantijn admitted the past few days had been confusing.

“The joy dominates, but that is mirrored every time by the loss. (But) we gain a lot of support from joy, we derive strength from that. It is thus more beautiful that the child was born during these days,” he said.

Constantijn also spoke about the choice of the name Claus-Casimir, named partly after the husband of Queen Beatrix, Prince Claus, who died in October 2002. Casimir is the name of three Friesian governors.

“He is called Claus-Casimir. If he develops more as a Claus, then it will be Claus, if he develops more as Casimir, it will be Casimir,” the Prince said.

Princess Laurentien and Claus-Casimir are in good health, but the prince also noted that the baby quickly started interrupting the royal couple’s sleeping patterns. “That goes with it,” the Prince smiled.

The couple’s first child, Eloise, was born on 8 June 2002.

Laurentien and her son have left hospital and the family is staying in Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague. They will move to Brussels in April.

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