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Blacklisted airlines welcome in Netherlands

Published on 29/08/2005

29 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — Three airline companies blacklisted in France and Belgium over safety concerns fly occasionally in Dutch airspace.

The Dutch transport Inspectorate (IVW) said on Monday there was no reason at the moment to impose a ban on the three airlines in the Netherlands.

The IVW will however seek more information from its Belgian counterpart and impose strict monitoring of the airlines if their planes land on Dutch soil, a spokesperson for the IVW said.

The airlines in question are Silverback Cargo Freighters, Johnsons Air and Air Memphis.

The civil aviation authority in France published a list of five airlines banned there on Sunday evening. Belgium published a list of nine banned air companies on Monday.

The publication of the blacklists comes after four fatal crashes in August alone in which more than 330 people died.

The Belgian authorities banned Silverback Cargo Freighters from Rwanda from operating in Belgian airspace last week due to faults detected on its planes.

The Dutch inspectorate has also had dealings with this airline in 2004 when a leak was found in the hydraulic system of one of its planes. In addition, the oxygen level was found to be too low and there were heavy items loose in the cabin.

Air Memphis from Egypt is also known to the IVW. In 2003 inspectors discovered several problems with a plane but the company acquired a new jet in 2004. An inspection on 8 May this year did not detect any shortcomings.

Until recently Air Memphis flew into Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport with passengers but these flights were scrapped recently due to capacity problems.

The IVW said on Monday it was not aware that Belgium had blacklisted Johnsons Air from Ghana. “That information is not in the international files,” the spokesperson said.

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