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Anti-fraud official arrested for fraud

Published on 10/03/2004

10 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — A man in charge of vetting staff for an energy firm has been arrested on suspicion of stealing electricity. Police believe he was diverting power to an illegal cannabis factory he allegedly helped run.

Dutch utility companies are constantly on the lookout for signs that electricity is being siphoned off to power the high-powered lamps used by cannabis growers. Often the theft is not discovered until a short circuit causes a fire in the cannabis den.

NOS news said this case is unusual because the suspect was employed by Zuid Holland power company Eneco as a fraud controller.

His job was to vet new employees to make sure they were not about to rip off the company.

Police searched his home and his office when they arrested him on Monday.

Eneco have suspended him pending the outcome of the investigation. A company spokesman denied reports that other employees may have rigged power metres to steal electricity for cannabis growers.

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