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Amsterdam is 10th ‘most livable’ city in the world

Published on 02/03/2004

2 March 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch capital Amsterdam has retained its position as the 10th most livable city in the world, according to the latest “quality of life” report from the Mercer Human Resource Consulting agency.

Mercer studied the living conditions in 215 cities across the globe and while Amsterdam retained its 10th position achieved in the survey published in 2003, traffic congestion also remained a thorny issue, news agency ANP reported.

The report said construction of the North-South Metro line in Amsterdam had not helped to improve the traffic situation. It also said traffic delays and the poor flow of vehicles will remain a feature of the city for some time.

Amsterdam was ranked equal 10th with German city Munich, but none of the other largest Dutch cities figured in the top 50.

Of the other European capitals Berlin was 15th, Paris 31st, London was 35th and Madrid was ranked 38th. Rome did not feature in the top 50, but Milan was ranked 49th.

Mercer conducts an annual study of the social climate and personal safety of the world’s largest cities. It takes into account the number of hospitals and health institutes in a city, while also examining traffic, air pollution and the quality of waste disposal and the sewer system.

For overall quality of life, it said the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva rated first and second. Canadian city Vancouver slipped from second to third place in the latest report. All cities are ranked against New York as a base city.

Mercer said cities in Europe, New Zealand and Australia continue to dominate the top of the rankings. US cities slipped in the rankings this year due to tighter immigration checks. Honolulu and San Francisco jointly held 24th position.

The Iraqi capital Baghdad was rated as the worst place to live due to the continued threat of violence and the poor state of its infrastructure. The city was also rated the least safe city in the world.

The Greek capital Athens — which will host the Olympic Games in August — also rated poorly. Mercer said Athens was the unhealthiest city in Western Europe, due primarily to air pollution and sanitary problems.

Mercer praised the Canadian city Calgary as the healthiest city of the world in 2004, topping Honolulu and the Finnish capital Helsinki.

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