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Aid group halts work in Afghanistan

Published on 03/06/2004

3 June 2004

AMSTERDAM — International humanitarian group Medicines Sans Frontiers has announced it is suspending almost all relief work in Afghanistan following the murder of five of its personnel, including Dutchman Willem Kwint, on Wednesday.

The aid group — known as Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without Borders) in the Netherlands — said it was recalling its staff in Afghanistan to the capital Kabul. It has about 80 staff members spread across the 12 Afghan provinces.

The relief agency said it will carry out an “in-depth analysis” of recent events in Afghanistan during the next few weeks. The aid group’s activities will remain at a low level until this review is completed.

Kwint, Belgian Helene de Beir, Norwegian Egil Tynaes and two Afghan colleagues — identified as Fasil Ahmad and Besmillah — were killed on a remote road in the province of Badghis when their car was attacked with guns and a hand grenade.

The attack was claimed by followers of the ousted Taliban regime.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed sorrow for the attack — the latest in a series of attacks on aid workers — and called on the US to provide more help to defeat those opposing the government.

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