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Actress Mary Dresselhuys dies, aged 97

Published on 19/05/2004

19 May 2004

AMSTERDAM — Famed Dutch actress Mary Dresselhuys, 97, died in her sleep at 1.15am in her Amsterdam home on Wednesday.

Dresselhuys — who continued working well into her elderly years and continued to attract full theatres — was known as the Grand Lady of comedy. Her vitality continued to delay her departure from the industry.

Her death was announced by Joop van der Ende’s musical theatre company Stage Holding.

The popular actress — who became an actress despite the objections of her parents — performed more than 150 roles in a much-praised stage career and developed into one of the best Dutch comedians ever.

Born on 22 January in 1907 in Tiel, Dresselhuys never conducted a farewell tour and despite her advanced years, she continually took on new roles with good “elderly women roles”.

The actress dismissed her celebrity status in an interview with newspaper De Telegraaf in January 1996 when she said: “What an actor can, or could do, is completely gone after their death”.

“You stay in the memory for a while of the people who have seen you. When they are also dead, you are forgotten for good,” she said.

“Our art slides past terribly. The only thing that counts is: can you, get the auditorium in the palm of your hand tonight. If that succeeds, it is such a beautiful feeling. Still is. Just beautiful”.

The funeral ceremony will be private and the details of the service have not been announced., news agency ANP reported.

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