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14 injured in Rotterdam tram accident

1 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Fourteen people were injured on Thursday when two trams collided in Rotterdam. Some of the victims were “possibly seriously injured”, police said.

The accident took place on the Mathenesserdijk in the Rotterdam suburb Spangen at about 10.45am, police and transport authority RET said.

The font and rear end collision was described as “a severe accident”. The injured included 13 passengers and a female conductor, most of whom were taken to local hospitals.

A police spokesman said three people were referred to family doctors or were treated at the scene, but 11 others were transferred to the Erasmus Medisch Centrum (EMC) and the Sint Franciscus Ziekenhuis for treatment or observation.

The spokesman said their injuries ranged from bruising, to neck injuries and possibly broken bones, news agency nu.nl reported.

Police said the first tram operator was forced to come to a sudden stop when a council garbage truck crossed onto the tram tracks. The second tram slammed hard into the back of the first tram.

About 20 to 30 passengers were on the trams when the accident occurred and police have launched an investigation.

Both trams will need to be carted away from the scene of the accident.

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