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Netherlands tax

Dutch tax system and salary calculation: Tax in the Netherlands


Certain expats are entitled to Dutch tax benefits; this guide to tax in the Netherlands explains the Netherlands' tax rates, how to calculate your net salary and the Dutch tax system and tax benefits for expats.

Banking in the Netherlands

Dutch bank account: Opening a Dutch bank account as an expat


Expatica's guide explains who can open a Dutch bank account and what you need to present when opening a bank account in the Netherlands.

inheritance tax netherlands

Inheritance tax in the Netherlands, Dutch inheritance law and Dutch wills


Find out if inheritance tax in the Netherlands and Dutch inheritance law apply to your worldwide assets as an expat or non-resident, plus how to prepare a Dutch will.

J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax Consultants

Let taxes work for you: hidden benefits and tax refunds in the Netherlands


Effective tax planning is not only important during tax season but also during an expat's immigration, emigration, start of employment and property sale or purchase.

Tax number Netherlands

Tax numbers in the Netherlands


One of the first things you'll need to do when arriving on Dutch land is to register at the local council where they will provide you with a tax number for the Netherlands, known as a Dutch BSN. This will be used as your identification number for several procedures. Find out more in this guide.

The state of financial globalisation 10 years after the financial crisis


In 1917, the first international commercial flight took place. Over 70 years later, the world wide web formed. Accessibility and the spread of information are why businesses have been able to broaden their international dealings over the last century.

Next from Brexit: moving businesses to the Netherlands


After the monumental vote in the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, a flurry of rumours began: whether international companies would exit the UK as a response.

Manage money abroad

Protecting your finances while living abroad


Moving yourself and your belongings from one country to another requires careful consideration, but there is another asset that must be moved: your finances.

How to save money effectively

Saving cash or just collecting coins: how to save money effectively


Most people understand that as soon as you start earning money, you should start saving. The way we save and store our hard-earned cash can make a huge difference to saving and investment goals.

Importance of financial education

Understanding the importance of financial education for expats


Aside from the general complexities surrounding a move abroad, such as applying for visas and looking for work as an expat, personal finance is one of the most common areas of confusion.

Expatax: posting an employee to the Netherlands

The 10-step guide to posting employees to the Netherlands


International companies may need to relocate employees to the Netherlands for various assignments, but if done only infrequently, it can be a difficult road to navigate.

Dutch mortgages

Mortgage news in the Netherlands: penalties, interest rates and the NHG lim...


With recent changes in penalties for prepaid mortgages, fluctuating interest rates and higher maximum prices for NHG-backed mortgages, expats may find getting a mortgage in the Netherlands a bit more interesting.

Retire abroad

Cross-border retirement planning and pensions for expats


It’s a dream for many: after years of hard work, they can finally travel to far-off lands and enjoy the rest of their retirement without worrying about finances. With some planning beforehand, the dream of retiring abroad can become a reality.

Dutch pension system

The Dutch pension system


The Dutch pension system is rated among the world's best. Find out if you can claim a Dutch pension as an expat, the Netherlands' retirement age, Dutch pension rates and aspects to consider when retiring in the Netherlands.

Beacon Financial Education

Why buy insurance?


When you drop a quarter into a slot machine, you know that your chances of winning are pretty slim. But risking a quarter (or perhaps much more than a quarter) may be worth it to you if the potential payoff is great enough. Insurance is a lot like that. [Contributed by Beacon Financial Education]

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