Working in the Netherlands
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Office space

How to find office space in Amsterdam


There is a wide-range of office spaces available in Amsterdam, from inspiring shared work environments for freelancers to large modern buildings that can accommodate big corporations. How do you find your next business address in Amsterdam?

minimum wage netherlands

Minimum wage in the Netherlands: A guide to Dutch minimum wage

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What should you earn in the Netherlands? Find out the Netherlands' minimum wage and how to seek arrears if you get paid less than the Dutch minimum wage.

Starting a business in the Netherlands  - Immigration expert advice

Starting a business in the Netherlands


What are the requirements for starting a business in the Netherlands or setting up as a freelancer? This guide explains how to start a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner.

The job market in the Netherlands

The job market in the Netherlands


The prospect of finding the right job when moving to a new country might seem frightening, but in truth the best employers in the Netherlands are looking for you just as much as you’re looking for them.

"I was an expat wife: Why being a Third Culture Kid sucks (sometimes)"

Leadership traits to avoid when working globally


Communications expert Declan Mulkeen discusses the importance of cultural awareness when working abroad or managing international teams.

Working for Oracle in Amsterdam


If you are an English or German speaker living in Amsterdam — or you’re willing to relocate there — and you have sales or technical skills that could be put to use working for a global information technology company, apply for a job at Oracle.[Contributed by Oracle]

Working in the Netherlands vs. Germany: comparing work cultures


Though the countries share a border and a similar language, the business cultures in Germany and the Netherlands have some differences that may influence your decision of where to work.

furnished apartments in amsterdam

How to help international employees adjust to life in Amsterdam


Many companies have ramped up efforts to send employees around the world on international work assignments — and Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Jobs in Rotterdam

Finding work in the Netherlands: are there jobs in other Dutch cities?


Expats tend to gather in the cities that boast international vibes and lots of jobs. For the Netherlands, that’s Amsterdam.

Dutch employment contracts and labour law

Dutch labour law and your contract of employment


Dutch labour laws regarding your contract of employment in the Netherlands are numerous; here are some expert tips on negotiating your employment contract.

Find jobs at the i am not a tourist expat fair in Eindhoven

Find jobs for expats at the "I am not a tourist" Expat Fair


If you're in search of jobs for English speakers in the Netherlands then this year's I Am Not a Tourist Expat Fair for Internationals', focused on jobs for expats, could be your key to success.

Dutch business culture

A guide to understanding Dutch business culture


This guide to Dutch business culture explains the Dutch workplace environment, hierarchy, meetings, negotiations, time perception and typical business culture in the Netherlands.

Jobs in Amsterdam

Jobs in Amsterdam: How to find work in Amsterdam


Looking for jobs in Amsterdam? This complete Amsterdam jobs guide explains everything you need to work in Amsterdam and find English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam and expat jobs in Amsterdam.

CV Netherlands

CV Netherlands: Writing a Dutch CV and interview tips for a job application...


A complete CV Netherlands guide: Information on how to write a Dutch CV and letter for a job application, plus interview tips and interview questions to prepare.

Work in the Netherlands

Work in the Netherlands: Finding a job


The ultimate job guide to working in the Netherlands, including information on the Dutch job market, vacancies, work permits, job websites and other places to find jobs in the Netherlands.

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