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Dutch universities – study in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands: A guide to Dutch universities


This guide explains everything you need to study in the Netherlands: the top Dutch universities, Netherlands scholarships and universities in the Netherlands for international students.

Education in the Netherlands

Education in the Netherlands: A guide to the Dutch education system


Our guide to education in the Netherlands explains each level of the Dutch school system to help you enrol your child into Dutch education, plus Dutch school holidays.

Dutch language courses

Learn Dutch: Dutch language courses in the Netherlands


Learn Dutch in the Netherlands with this list of Dutch language courses around the Netherlands, including Dutch courses in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and online.


Learning Dutch by immersion with the Dutch Flow method

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With the Dutch Flow method, learning the Dutch language only requires an open mind and a positive attitude

After school in the Netherlands

After-school clubs in the Netherlands


An after-school club is an excellent way to complement traditional school learning, enrich your child’s life experiences and improve social skills

Boarding schools in the Netherlands


Boarding schools in the Netherlands are one of the options if you're considering private schooling for your children. Here's what you need to know about their curriculum, activities, application process and fees.

The benefits of raising a bilingual child


The world has gotten smaller and ever more connected, making it not just desirable to speak more than one language, but necessary – especially for expat children.

Florencius International School

Living in Laren: Netherlands' historic gem


Just outside Amsterdam are towns and villages that offer access to the big city without the noise and crowding, and with plenty of space for the kids – and one of the most beautiful is Laren.

How to prepare for an MBA

How to prepare for MBA programmes


After your application has been accepted, you may think that there is nothing left to prepare for your MBA besides packing your bags — but getting accepted is only the beginning.


Top quirks of the Dutch Language


The Dutch language is a treasure trove of quirky phrases, consonant clusters and tricky pronunciations.

International schools in the Netherlands

List of international schools in the Netherlands

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Expatica's up-to-date guide includes a full list of international schools in the Netherlands, including American and British schools in the Netherlands plus international schools in Amsterdam, The Hague and around the country.

Modern business

The issues facing modern business in a global, digital world


Doing business in the modern world has revealed unforeseen challenges with the growing digital-first, global and sustainable mindset.

dutch language course

How to feel at home in the Netherlands as an expat


Besides all the logistics and paperwork involved in moving to the Netherlands, there is one facet of life as an expat that is much less straightforward: how to adapt to a new country.

Middle years programme

Learning all about the IB Middle Years Programme


Parents, of course, want their children to have bright futures. One of the ways they can ensure that their children succeed is by providing high-quality education from an early age.

Learn Dutch

Most fun ways to learn Dutch outside the classroom


Learning Dutch as a foreigner – especially as an English speaker – can be difficult, but not for the reason most people expect when learning a new language.

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